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Who are we - about us (Sismak Diesel Systems)

SDS, Sismak Diesel System - Diesel pump spare parts and repair kits.

Sismak Automotive has been operating in the fields of diesel pump parts and injector spare parts since 1994, manufacturing many parts within its own structure and since 2002, diesel pump spare parts, injector nozzles, rotor chrome plating and renewal processes in the diesel pump sector.

sismak diesel enjector puller Our company produces its products under the brand name of SDS and delivers them to our valued customers. We also export abroad. Apart from these activities, our company markets engine parts as a supplier, so it helps manufacturers in production. The most important factor in our progress and development so far is our timely deliveries by keeping customer satisfaction and quality in the foreground.

Sismak automotive, which has come to this day with you, our valued customers, will develop rapidly with the power it receives from you in the following days and will be in a position to respond to all kinds of needs of its customers in its sector. Pneumatic Injector Puller Kit

Introduction video of our company

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Sismak Diesel System

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