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Pneumatic Injector Puller Kit

What is a pneumatic injector puller? Why is it used? How will it benefit you? Of course, the price is also important. Your injector removal works will no longer take your hours. With this pneumatic tool, your time will be yours. Get your injector removal job done right away in 5 minutes. If you want professionalism in your work, the injector puller kit you are looking for is here.

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Why Pneumatic Injector Puller

You will regret not using it before

why injector puller
Power saving

I think the first thing we will consider for using this tool will be power saving. You can easily finish your work with the exact solution without requiring manpower.

why injector puller

You use minimal time to disassemble the injector. You won't believe how fast you can process.

why injector puller
Saving on time

You will remove the injector as quickly as possible and you will have time.

why injector puller
Durability & Quality

Quality cannot be a coincidence. We continue our business with years of experience.

What's in the bag of the pneumatic injector puller kit?

Many tools required to disassemble
different injectors are included in the bag.

injector puller kit contents With this pneumatic injector puller kit, you can remove injectors for 4 different brands.
Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens injector

Pneumatic injector puller assembly diagram

pneumatic injector puller assembly diagram
Air hose : It provides the flow between the puller and the air valve.
Puller mechanism : It is the basic, main part of the set. It does the pulling.
Bosch injector puller : It is mounted on the puller head for Bosch ejectors. (After removing the Bosch injector coil)
Siemens injector puller : For siemens ejectors, it is mounted on the puller head. (Siemens after removing the injector coil)
Air valve : It controls the pressure between the air pressure and the puller.
Denso injector puller : Used to pull Denso injectors. (After removing the Denso injector coil)
Delphi injector puller 1 : It is used to pull Delphi injectors with an inlet of 17 mm.
Delphi injector puller 2 : It is used to pull Delphi injectors with 19 mm inlet.

+ Carry bag

Bosch/Delphi diesel injector puller, Denso/Siemens diesel injector puller
good quality injector puller "Quality can never be a coincidence"

Listen to our customers using

You can have an idea about the injector puller by reading customer reviews.
All are real comments. Watch the videos during use.

Sismak Automotive, who are we?

Sismak Automotive has been operating in the fields of diesel pump parts and injector spare parts since 1994, manufacturing many parts within its own structure and since 2002 in the diesel pump sector.
  • Diesel pump spare parts
  • Injector nozzles
  • Rotor chrome plating and renewal processes
  • Injector repair and maintenance kits
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The best quality and useful tool you are looking for to remove injectors!

Sismak Diesel System

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